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Auto Remover

Algorithm based automotive software solution...

Support all types of existing ECUs

For modifying

A necessary software for your garage dpf egr adblue and many other operations

  • Checksum calculation
  • Bosch brand ecu information tool
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This module provides automatic deactivation of all DPF related maps and DTC and allows to start a car without DPF installed.


Exhaust gas recirculation valves and DTC allow it to always close, preventing dirt build-up in the intake manifold and all related problems.


It is an automatic solution added to the increase of vehicles equipped with AdBlue and the availability of software solutions.


It removes the Pxxxx Uxxxx and Cxxxx codes that come out as a result of scanning in the car.


Basically by adjusting the delay of the FCO and some other modification, its possible to make your car sound different, more sportive and more aggressive

İmmo Remover

The immobilizer is an important car equipment, but autoremover will help you when you need to disable it.


Module allows our customer to control the sound of rpm limiter, if the desire is to make it sound hard and popping.


Allows customers to eliminate lambda errors when a new cat is inserted or removed.

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